Amazon Wearable Tech

  • Art Direction
  • Creative Oversight - Charles Ramsey

One of the fastest growing sections within the Electronics vertical, the Amazon Wearable Technology storefront was in need of an update. A few of the widgets in the back end were outdated, did not allow for flexible updating, and the graphics being edited in a piecemeal fashion by multiple designers on the team often times led to an inconsistent visual appearance. I created a flexible visual system that could not only match the Amazon brand, but the varied brands within the wearable technology market.

1.The previous design of the Wearable Tech store at Amazon.
2.Grabbing queues from the current visual landscape of wearable technology products, as well as the established Fashion and Sports brands at Amazon.
3.A snippet of the style guide I created that helped to drive the overall direction of all deliverables for the launch.
4.Home page mockup
5.Category page mockup

To see the style guide in action, visit the Amazon Wearable Technology store.