• Illustration

Amazon Safety Poster

Created to be displayed in data centers for Amazon worldwide, my only brief when asked to design this poster was the supplied copy, and to "make it fun!". Taking some language from whimsical safety videos, I used a largely citrus color palette, and some fun shapes and forms.

First pass.
Final poster.

The Elements of Design

A self-initiated exploration into visual mapping and language, I wanted to create a way to communicate the variables that go into any kind of design. Specifically how meaning (communicated and perceived) is shaped by our regional and personal world view, and how the intent of a design doesn't always match the viewer's understanding of it.

I wanted to take queues not only from the language of infographics (to show movement and direction) but also from buddhist mandalas, 50's advertising whimsy, bauhaus shapes and colors, as well as a certain poster by Alexander Rodchenko.