Amazon FREE Same-Day

When Amazon prepared to launch Free Same-Day Shipping in the US I produced graphic placements, pages, and print materials to advertise the upcoming launch. To ensure adherence to the Prime brand, I worked under Sarah's guidance to transform Eric's illustrations into a set of visual conventions that could be applied across a range of varied deliverables that would be seen by millions of Amazon customers. After creating a cohesive deliverable package, I provided direction to the production team who would localize graphics for targeted marketing in the major US metro areas for launch.

Same-Day Landing page design animated
1.With its strong value proposition and bold imagery, the gateway placement received an extroardinary 5.2% CTR on the day of launch, being the top 12 performing herotaters of that week.
2.I designed a widget for the mobile experience that allows for content parody of the zip code finder widget I created for the desktop experience, and also included is a shot of the mobile hero image featured on gateway.
3.Infographic poster created for internal use