Amazon FREE Same-Day

For the launch of FREE Same-Day Shipping in the US, I was tasked with producing the myriad graphic placements, pages, and print materials to advertise the launch. Working closely with Sarah to determine effective brand direction as well as Eric in the use of his vibrant illustrations, I fleshed out a campaign that would be seen site-wide for the launch as well as iterated on globally.

Same-Day Landing page design animated
1.With its strong value proposition and bold imagery, the gateway placement received an extroardinary 5.2% CTR on the day of launch, being the top 12 performing herotaters of that week.
2.I designed a widget for the mobile experience that allows for content parody of the zip code finder widget I created for the desktop experience, and also included is a shot of the mobile hero image featured on gateway.
3.Infographic poster created for internal use