Senior Thesis

  • Illustration

During my final year at Cornish College of the Arts, I was allowed to explore a design problem of my choosing and generate material to be shown for the BFA Show. With my interest in user interface design I explored the concept of flow as well as new ways to visualize time spent online.

Thesis Statement

The internet is a virtual environment, not confined by distance or time. When browsing, it’s easy to start with one purpose in mind, and suddenly find hours have flown by and you are looking at websites that have nothing to do with where you started out. You become lost, like Alice, down a virtual rabbit hole of a cultural and entertainment wasteland.

The majority of web users, while having experienced this, know very little about how and why this happens, and have no way to garner useful information from such non-linear web browsing.

Through interviews, research, and exploration, I will create an experience that not only entertains, but takes a critical look at this ‘rabbit hole’. I will assert that getting lost online, while sometimes a counter-productive time-suck, can be a valuable form of exploration and play.

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